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Have you ever wondered what your staff get up to when you're not there? Would you welcome a customer's eye-view of the way your bar or restaurant operates, but can't trust family or friends to give you a truly objective insight? We are catering professionals, and can assure you of absolute discretion in all our dealings with you and your staff.

We've dubbed our anonymous assessors—be they drinking or dining at your establishment (even, on a commission at your competitors)—"The Secret Lemonade Drinkers": they will blend innocuously into the background and, most importantly, always keep a clear head to report their findings faithfully.

At our initial meeting, we will demonstrate the generic templates on which we base our reports; from our discussions with you, taking account of your specific requirements, we can build up an MS Excel-based questionnaire to answer everything from the state of your car park, to the quality of the petit fours served with post-prandial coffee, if so desired. If it’s a pub or bar you run, you may wish to know whether smokers congregating round the front door are off-putting to other customers—or just whether dirty glasses are being collected and beer spills mopped up.

Alternatively, you may require us to organise and host a Focus Group to assess a new menu you are planning to introduce. We would be the first to admit that focus groups don’t always get it right—remember the multi-millions of dollars Coca Cola lost on their new formula—but by taking extra care in selecting the members of our panels we aim to give you a balanced view from which to extrapolate with greater confidence.